The recommended way to reach Exe Hotel from Barajas Airport is the underground. Taxis are a good way to reach the hotel also.

By Metro (Underground):

Total estimated time: 45 minutes.

Depending on your arrival terminal the closest Metro station will be “Aeropuerto T4” or “Aeropuerto T1 T2 T3”. First train departs from “Aeropuerto T4” at 06:05 and last one at 01:33 in the night. Both stations are on Line 8 (pink colored line).

-Go to “Nuevos Ministerios” (7th stop from “Aeropuerto T4”, 5th stop from “Aeropuerto T1 T2 T3”). Change there to Line 6 Circular (grey).

-Go to “Moncloa” (As line 6 -grey- is circular, be careful to take the short path of the grey line, which means 5 stops)

-Leave the underground using the “Arcipreste de Hita” exit. Exe hotel is located right in front of the underground exit, across the street. Below lies a map with the location of the Exe Moncloa hotel and where you can check the location of every Moncloa station exit:

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Additionally, information about the Madrid’s underground network can be located in its webpage, including maps of the whole tube network.

By Taxi:

Total estimated time: Variable, very depending on traffic situation (min. 20 min)

Official taxis in Madrid are white, with a red diagonal line in the door.

It is difficult to predict the cost of a taxi trip from Barajas airport to Exe Hotel because it depends strongly on the traffic situation. Besides, depending on the day of the week (Sunday supplement) and on the time (night suplement) there will be extra amounts added to the regular price. A reasonable estimation might be 45 €.