March 11-13 at CIEMAT

Monday 11

09:00 – Welcome, logistics.

09:15 – Satake (VC): “On international collaboration on flows and viscosity”. Slides
09:30 – Yokoyama: “Brief report of the domestic working group mtng on flows&viscosity in Japan”. Slides
09:45 – Takahashi: “Review of bias experiments in helical plasmas in Japan (invitation for collaboration)”. Slides
10:00 – Lee: “Measurement of parallel plasma flow using a charge-exchange spectroscopy in H-J”.

11:00 – Arévalo: “Impurity flow patterns and compressibility”. Slides
11:15 – Hidalgo: “Isotope effect and multi-scale physics: experiments in TEXTOR and TJ-II”. Slides
11:45 – Suzuki (VC): “Comparison of HINT and LHD results”.
12:15 – Suzuki (VC): “Plans for TJ-II calculation by HINT”.

14:15 – Geiger (VC): “Update on Outside the LCMS – calculations via vmec/extender”. Slides
14:45 – Kus (VC): “Status report on the ISHPDB”. Slides
15:00 – Geiger (VC): “Progress in the magnetic configuration database”. Slides
15:30 – Kus (VC): “Statistical analyses”. Slides

16:15 – Kumar (VC): “Proposed MSE diagnostic on HSX for simultaneous Er and boostrap current measurement”. Slides
16:45 – Weir (VC): “Comparison of heat pulse propagation experiments on HSX to linear gyrokinetics”.

17:15 – Discussions.

Tuesday 12

09:00 – Melnikov: “Recent HIBP results on AE studies in TJ-II”. Slides
09:15 – Chechkin: “Some features of RF discharge development in the Uragan-3M torsatron”. Slides
09:30 – Nagaoka: “AE studies in ECH and NBI plasmas in TJ-II”. Slides
10:00 – Ido: “Response of Er and density fluctuations to AE activity”. Slides

11:00 – Mukai: “Particle transport study, electron density fluctuation study in Heliotron J”. Slides
11:15 – Hidalgo: “Searching for edge plasma potential asymmetries in the TJ-II stellarator”. Slides
11:45 – Narushima: “Recent progress of island experiment in LHD, experimental plan in TJ-II”.
12:15 – López-Bruna: “ECH modulation experiments with 3/2 resonance w/wo shear in TJ-II”. Slides

14:15 – Dinklage: “Status of energy transport validation studies and future plans (report & discussion)”. Slides
14:45 – Turkin (VC): “Status of tranport code development”.
15:00 – Yokoyama: TASK3D Development and Application”. Slides
15:30 – Pablant: “Transport analysis of ECH heated plasmas using TASK3D in the LHD”. Slides

16:15 – Ascasíbar: “ITPA activities on steady state”. Slides
16:45 – Hirsch: “H-mode and related edge instabilities in Helical Devices; study of configuration dependencies”. Slides
17:15 – Van Milligen: “k-spectrum modification and non-linear phenomena in the L-H transition”. Slides
17:45 – López-Bruna: “Observations on MHD stability and transport in TJ-II plasmas”. Slides

Wednesday 13

09:00 – Wolf (VC): “Summary on reactor studies”. Slides
09:30 – Warmer (VC): “PROCESS for stellarators”.
09:45 – Yamada (VC): “Highlights in LHD experiment, invitation for joint experiment”.
10:15 – Krupnik: “Beam probing diagnostics on Uragan-2M; invitation to cooperation experiments”.

11:00 – Discussions: plans for joint papers (ISHW,…), experiments.

Summary sessions, closing.


Responsible organizers:├é┬áDaniel López-Bruna and José Luis Velasco.